Nz's award-winning music video "The Struggle" has received nearly 35,000 views on YouTube. Written by Nz Tante and Shaun Hampton and directed by Christiann Gilchrist, the video won the award for Best Music Video. The video is a reenactment of the Trayvon Martin incident. Chrishaun’s friend’s reached out to Nz and asked him to help them create a memorial. Together they made the candle light scene at the end of the music video, which is in memory of both Chrishaun Moten and Trayvon Martin.

Nz’s "I Know She Know" Remix to Rico Love's "They Don't Know" is a remix that was executed so perfectly that people rarely recognize the original song, which is always a certified stamp of approval from the people! "I Know She Know” was written by Nz Tante and directed by Christiann Gilchrist and is a prime example of the versatility Nz brings as an artist.

Nz's First Song on the Radio was his song " Call it Jordan"! This edgy and upbeat song was originally not going to be released until Christiann Gilchrist heard it during a break from filming the music video for the "The Vent", he then pushed Nz to record the record and put it out to the world and the rest is history!Receiving over 72,000 views on Youtube!

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Drawing Nz - ( World Premiere) Man Down

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Nz - ( World Premiere) Man Down

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